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Not Your Usual SCC Provider

Being in a world, where everyone is trying to fit in, we would like to be the one that STANDS OUT. And this belief, we have incorporated through the services that, we take pride in providing.   




In-House Lesson Curriculum

Apart from assisting the students, with their daily responsibilites from school, we have devised a comprehensive in-house curriculum to support your child's learning journey with us, in accordance to the current MOE syllabus and standards. 


Our curriculum, is rooted in Piaget's theory of constructivism. Instead of giving a lecture, the teachers in this theory function as facilitators whose role, is to aid the student when it comes to their own understanding. This takes away focus from the teacher and lecture and puts it upon the student and their learning.


The resources and lesson plans initiated for this learning theory, take a very different approach towards traditional learning.

The lesson's framework, mainly revolves around experiential learning. This process of learning is through experience which in a nutshell, is also known as hands-on learning.  This mode of learning challenges the student, helping them to be effective critical thinkers and problem solvers.









Time is of the essence, for both parents and students. Hence, aside from the in-house academic lessons provided during SCC hours, here at Kool Kidz, we also provide tuition and enrichment classes seven days a week, by qualified tutors and trainers after SCC hours on weekdays and over weekends. This is to cater to all of your child's learning needs, helping you to ease your mind off it.


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for all of your Child's Educational Needs

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