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Kool Kidz Educare

We keep it REAL

For every parents, its vital to them that, their children excel well in school.

Hence, here in Kool Kidz, we understand each parent's concern over their child's academic well-being. Thus, we bring our A-game to the table in ensuring your expectations in us over this, are met.

  1. Supervised homework sessions provided to help clear day to day work from school.

  2. Allocated time for learning of English and Mother Tongue Spelling utilising effective concepts proven to work.

  3. Tests, exam stress!!?? Fret not. Ample time for revision and practice will be provided before major tests and exams, gearing your children for it. 

We beg to DIFFER:

Here in Kool Kidz, there is more to learning than the usual norm.

  1. Expect not your usual lesson delivery. We believe learning should be made fun, exciting and enjoyable.

  2. Classrooms become the doorway to different dimensions of learning experiences.

We break FREE​ FROM BEING IRON-FISTED teachers in class: 

  1. Teachers act as faciltators.

  2. Freedom of speech given to students through open-discussions, brain-storming sessions and equal chances given to hone on their leadership skills through team-building activities.

  3. Students will gain a sense of autonomy, by putting in practice our concept of ASK

    • Acquire: continually striving to obtain as much information / ideas / methods possible, to aid in their problem-solving skills.

    • Solution-Seeking: utilising the pool of possibilities aquired, to reach a viable solution.

    • Knowledge: eventually to gain the learning experiences needed, to build on their knowledge.


This will help them to take control of their own learning experiences, to challenge the challenges that, they will face in their own individual educational journey. 

Kool Kidz Educare


We will not be just mere educators to your children

but, will ASPIRE to be a


taking care of them AS OUR OWN.  

Kool Kidz Educare
Kool Kidz Educare
Kool Kidz Educare
Kool Kidz Educare
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