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“Education is the foundation upon which we 

 build our future.”~ Christine Gregoire

Hence at Kool Kidz, we firmly believe in setting the right foundation, for the students growth in learning.


For that as educators, we strive to give our all in ensuring, the students get the BEST out of us. Thus, we are a team of well-equipped,

qualified educators with skill sets, stemming from years of experience in the teaching industry.


We as educators in Kool Kidz, are driven by passion to teach, mould and educating the young minds placed in our care. We are driven by a CAUSE to not just, Educate the Mind but to Educate the Heart as well. It is then, we believe the true essence of education ,

can be achieved.


~ Educators with a Heart

                                                            Kool Kidz Educare

“If I have to choose one profession in which you give the most for the least it is probably teaching - if you take it seriously. You have to have the temperament for it to coax, to stimulate, to cajole, to discipline a young mind into good habits. You must have an aptitude.” ~ LKY 1966

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